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29th of January 2021


Sorry Wrong Person

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Cup Of Tea

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In My Mind

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The Distance

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Matilde G

Singer Songwriter

Matilde G has always marched to her own beat and now she’s ready to bring that beat to her new single Doorbell.
The Italian singer, songwriter and performer who is based in Singapore pushes the boundaries of pop with her music and vocals. With the passion for singing and song-writing running through her veins from a very young age, Matilde G brings passionate lyrics and sparkling melodies that truly highlight her soul-shattering vocals that have the power to provoke a profound response amongst her listeners.
The stunning young lady began writing her own songs at the age of 13 all while honing her musical skills through intense training specialising in the study of rock&pop voice and learnt how to play the piano and guitar, receiving her accreditations from the Trinity College of London.
Matilde G took part in numerous singing competitions, much notably Singapore’s Got Talent, KWC Singapore, Tour Music Fest and many more.
What she values above all else is the connection she has with her fans. Being extremely active on social media, Matilde G has managed to amass over 17k followers on Instagram, constantly engaging with them and posting covers on a weekly basis.
2020 saw her independently release 3 singles, all of which has organically brought in over 700K streams and more than 90k monthly listeners.
Her ardor for music and performing knows no bounds as this young lady aims to not only reimagine the sounds of pop but make her mark in the genre.

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